Welcome to Century Memorials.

Since 1854 Century Memorials and its affiliates have been serving the public by furnishing At-Need and Pre-Need Funeral & Cemetery Mausoleums, Family Monuments, Headstones, Bronze & Granite Grave Markers, Duplicate Memorials, Ledgerstones, Statuary, Sculpture, Etchings, Benches, Cremation Memorials, Pet Memorials, Counter Tops, Plaques & Signs, Custom Business, Home and Garden pieces, plus Cemetery Lettering, and Repairs and Restoration.

The process of selecting a suitable and distinctive memorial to honor the memory of a loved one can be confusing and disturbing to some, but we hope to be able to help you with this task. We have compiled some information which we believe will aid you to become more knowledgeable as you proceed.


Throughout the past few centuries, the most reliable and enduring source of cemetery memorials has been the professional monument retailer. There is an old quote which says "I always doff my hat when I pass a monument engraver, for his is the business that endures". Yes it is true, ours is perhaps the only profession where our product will far outlive those of us that produce it.

Recently we have seen an increasing number of other sources (i.e. funeral homes and cemeteries) positioning themselves to carve a piece out of the professional monument retailer's business. The expertise, experience and knowledge needed to properly advise and counsel you, the prospective monument purchaser, cannot be met by these other sources. It would be like us trying to tell families how to arrange a funeral or operate a cemetery.We all must stick to what we know best.


Since the memorial you select will most likely be placed in a cemetery, that cemetery's rules and regulations are important. They may limit or modify the type and size memorial you will be permitted to install. Also, the cemetery may have prescribed foundation rules and possibly will build the foundation and charge for it.

We ask that you contact us to determine how we can best help you. We will be pleased to furnish you with a brochure and a full written quotation. Since many cemeteries have rules and regulations restricting the memorial choices, we would need the type of detailed cemetery and burial information listed in the Response Form to determine what you are permitted to use. Our full written proposal would then be submitted for your inspection and approval at no obligation to you. All costs are detailed in the proposal and quoted prices are honored for thirty days.

If, after reading through the portions of our web pages which are pertinent to you, there are any questions, please call and let us know how we can help.